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Church. Thomas Becket: photos, description Eglise Saint-Thomas-Becket)

Saint Thomas, during the life of the former Archbishop of Canterbury, known by the name of Thomas Beckett, in Europe, of one temple. Only in France the churches dedicated to this Saint can be found in Upper Normandy, in the regions of Brittany, rhône-Alpes and Nord-Pas-de-Calais.

The Church of St. Thomas, located in the Breton port town of Bénodet, was built in the XIII century. It is located in the port area, is a small religious construction, that twice in its history, was rebuilt. The extension of the building of the temple was undertaken in the XVI century and in the XIX century.

Thomas Becket lived in the twelfth century and became one of the main figures of English history of the period. He had great power, but came into conflict with king Henry II, was murdered at the entrance to the altar of the Canterbury Cathedral in 1170. To the rank of Archbishop Thomas Beckett held the position of Chancellor king, and were very close to the monarch's special - engaged in the education of his son, participated in diplomatic negotiations and military operations, made changes to the tax system, offering new types of collection of money, including from the Church. The rank of Archbishop, he received as man of the king, he did not even have the dignity of priest.

The cause of the conflict with the king was procurava policy of the new Archbishop that went against the expectations of Henry II. The king hoped for more discipline of the clergy, but Beckett, on the contrary, began to put the interests of the Church above the interests of the king. In particular, he decided to withdraw the former Church property from secular parties, and opposed the tax innovations concerning Church property proposed by the king. Henry II tried to limit other privileges of the clergy, but the Archbishop refused to sign the relevant decrees. The confrontation between the king and the Archbishop ended with Beckett's flight from England to France, and on his return, which, incidentally, was held by favor of the king, he was killed.