/ / Church. Philibert: photo, description Eglise Saint-Philibert de Dijon)

Church. Philibert: photo, description Eglise Saint-Philibert de Dijon)

Small modest Church of St. Philibert in Dijon during the great French revolution suffered an unenviable fate. In the former cemetery Church stables and barracks. After the building was used as a salt warehouse, and a long storage in this salt has played a negative role in the XX century, when the Church was opened an exhibition gallery connected to the heating system, and on the walls made the mold. Therefore, in the second half of the XX century the Church was closed for restoration.

The first building on this site appeared in the IX century. After a couple of centuries it was converted into a Church, and in the following century the building was rebuilt and expanded. The appearance of the building predominant architectural style is Romanesque, in addition, the Church of St. Philibert is almost the only example of Romanesque architecture in Dijon. The Church is located next to the Cathedral of the Holy Benina.
A separate part of the building of the Church was built later - in the XV-XVI centuries were built Gothic bell tower and the Central part, and the work was not considered completed as the continued construction of the main facade and the side portions.

The Church was not only the spiritual life of dianav. On the square before it held elections of members of city Council, inauguration of the mayors, and also officially opened the new harvest of grapes. Currently, the Church is not acting, but in her concerts, which play classical and religious music. The Church was declared a historical monument in 1862.