/ / Church. Francis Sal: photo, description Eglise Saint-Francois d'annecy)

Church. Francis Sal: photo, description Eglise Saint-Francois d'annecy)

St. Francis Church is located in Annecy on the banks of the river, Tiu, the shortest in France. The Church was built in the XVII century in honor of two saints - Francis Sal, Bishop of Geneva, ranked after the death of canonized and received the title of teacher of the Church and its spiritual student Joanna de Chantal. St. Francis de sales and his companion in the early XVII century became the founders of the female order of the visitation of the blessed virgin Mary (or order of visitants). In addition, the St Francis de sales is the patron Saint of the cities of Annecy, Chambery and Geneva, as well as writers and journalists.

We can say that St. Francis was a native of Annecy in 1567 he was born in the castle Sal, which is located in 20 kilometers from the city and into the next century was destroyed by Louis XIII. Against the will of noble parents Francis received a religious education, and chose the path of a priest. In the Catholic world he was known as a talented preacher who led an ascetic operation on the treatment of the followers of Calvinism to the Catholic faith, as well as helping the poor and disadvantaged, and was distinguished for meekness and patience.

St. Francis Church was built on the site of the Church of the first monastery of the order of visitants. Until the end of the XVIII century, in it the relics of the Saint Francis Sal and Joanna de Chantal. During the French revolution in the Church was housed a textile factory. Only in the end of XIX century the temple was renovated and reconstructed was the great altar of the choir. Dates back to the XVIII century gilded figure of Joanna de Chantal, made in the Baroque style.

In memory of St. Francis Sal in Annecy on the area of Bois has installed his statue. During the life of Francis de sales wrote many books on religious themes, so the area he is depicted surrounded by folios.