/ / The Church of St. Francis of Paola: photo, description Eglise Saint-Francois-de-Paule)

The Church of St. Francis of Paola: photo, description Eglise Saint-Francois-de-Paule)

The Catholic Church of Saint Francis of Paola is on the same street - where tourists step out onto the narrow streets to the waterfront but This Is Uni, starts the Old town. Almost opposite the Church is the Opera of nice, there are benches where people in the know buying chocolates and perfume, very close to the Cours Saleya market. But not to draw attention to Saint-françois-de-Paule is impossible: this narrow facade in gray-blue tones, sandwiched between neighboring houses, looks both simple and impressive.

The Church is dedicated is not too well known in Russia Saint. A boy born in the Calabrian provincial town of Paola in 1416 and named in honor of Francis of Assisi, in his youth, became a hermit, and then founded the Order of minims ("the least"). A distinctive feature of the order, in addition to the standard vows of poverty, chastity and obedience, a vow is a "lean lifestyle" - abstinence from meat and dairy products. Saint Francis of Paola compassion for animals, taught kings humility, prophesied and performed miracles.

A Church dedicated to him had belonged to the Order of the minims, now it Ministers to the Dominican order.

The building is a fine example of Piedmont architecture of the late XVIII century, when the late Baroque was connected with Neoclassicism. It is expected that the construction, which went from 1733 to 1773 years, was led by Antonio Bernardo Vittone, and the facade worked Pietro Bonvicini. The word Charitas (Charity) above the entrance recalls the order of the minims: that's his motto.

The magnificent interior is decorated in the same sober and elegant tones of grey and blue. You should pay attention to the altarpiece depicting St. Francis of Paola, and four paintings around, telling about the life of St. Dominic. Impressive carved pulpit of walnut, the statue of our lady (early XIX century) in the chapel of the virgin Mary. In the chapel of the sacred heart of Jesus, the Central painting by a local artist Hercule of Trashes touching is Jesus in Heaven right over nice. For details drawn the nice scenery, which is visible destroyed in 1869, the bridge, art historians were able to date the picture.