/ / Church of Saint-andré: photo, description, Collegiale Saint-Andre de Chartres)

Church of Saint-andré: photo, description, Collegiale Saint-Andre de Chartres)

Collegiate Church Saint-andré in Chartres stands on the Foundation of another Gallo-Roman period. In the V century on the ruins of the amphitheatre of St. Aignan of Orleans laid the Church. Later the remains of the Roman buildings were found in an underground chapel of the Church. At the site of the Church was built another, which burnt in fire in the X century. The new building on the site was built two centuries later and then was referred to the office of the College of twelve canons, and therefore received the status of a collegiate Church.

The first Church built by the Holy Aignan, were located outside of Chartres, but afterwards, when the city grew, it was inside the city walls. Currently, the Church can be found just next to the Cathedral, at St. Andrew.

A distinctive feature of the Church was two arches supporting the choir of the Church. One of them was built in the XIII century and was moved across the river, and the second appeared in the XVII century and hung over the street also, as a support for the chapel of the mother of God.

The French revolution turned the Church into a fodder warehouse, in front of which is located the barracks. At the same time was demolished steeple of the Church, and in the first half of the nineteenth century destroyed the chapel of our lady and the choir, as well as the arch across the river. In the second half of the same century the Church was damaged during the fire. Towards the end of the XIX century the building became municipal property.

Another fire occurred in the building at the end of world war II, when retreating Nazis set fire to the warehouse with food. After all these events from the Church preserved only those parts which were erected in the XIII century. In the beginning of this century was started their restoration.

Today in the Church of St. Andrew held charity fairs and cultural events.