/ / The Church of Saint-Denis: photo, description Eglise Saint-Denis-d Hellemmes)

The Church of Saint-Denis: photo, description Eglise Saint-Denis-d Hellemmes)

The Church of Saint-Denis is located in the district of Ellem (Hellemmes) in the Eastern part of the large city of Lille, near the border with Belgium. This area was annexed to Lille only in 1977. To reach the Church by metro - the closest stop is called "Hellemmes".
Originally this Church was dedicated to the Belgian Holy Gileno, preached in the seventh century. At the entrance to the tower is still possible to distinguish the ancient inscription: "Holy Gielen, pray for us." The Church was renamed only in 1960.

It is believed that the first building on this site appeared in the XIV century, then rebuilt several times - the archeological excavations carried out in 2001 showed traces of the external walls of the XIV-XVII centuries. From the old buildings remained only the bell tower of the XV century, a masterpiece of flamboyant Gothic. However, her appearance was preserved elements of Romanesque style - it is supported by powerful buttresses. Now there are three bells, made in 1922. The largest of them weighs more than 1000 pounds. Interestingly, the bell tower is not connected to the main Church building, which had to recreate already in the Gothic revival style. It is known that in the mid-nineteenth century it fell into despair, although the Church was only temporarily closed at the time of the French revolution, and already there from the 1800s were resumed. Work on the construction of the new building lasted from 1871 to 1879.

The interior of the Church is also designed in the Gothic revival style and is marked by a significant severity. Wooden main altar, depicting scenes of the passion of Christ was completed at the end of the XIX century. It is worth noting the historic main body, combined together with the Department, which have been preserved since 1875.