/ / Church of Saint Dominic: photos, description Eglise Saint-Dominique)

Church of Saint Dominic: photos, description Eglise Saint-Dominique)

Church of Saint Dominic, located in the former suburb Saint-Jacques, differs from most of the Parisian temples of its Romano-Byzantine architecture. The ancient view of the Church should not mislead: it is not yet a century.

The territory of the parish of Saint-Dominique has a rich religious history. It was here that the famous abbess of the XVII century Mary-angélique Arnault, abbess of Port-Royal de Champs, founded a daughter monastery Port-Royal in Paris. The monastery, a stronghold of Jansenism in the early eighteenth century was destroyed by Royal decree, the Port-Royal as the Paris in the revolution became a prison, then a hospital. In the period of urban reforms Osman building was demolished. In the late nineteenth century the area developed rapidly on the agenda was the construction of a new Church by architect Georges Godier.

Construction began on the eve of the First world war and lasted for eight years. For any really old Parisian Church very quickly. In fact, Saint Dominic would have been built much faster if not for the break for the war: Georges Godier used here are reinforced concrete structures, allowing to significantly speed up the construction. This is one of the first Parisian temples, created by technologies of the twentieth century.

Devoted to the Church of the great preacher XIII century, Saint Dominic Guzman. Started his mission with the struggle against the heresy of the Albigenses, St. Dominic founded the order of brothers preachers, called in Evangelical poverty, to preach the word of God. The Dominicans gave to the Church many eminent theologians, scientists and writers. The contemplative nature of the spirituality of the Dominicans in all ages combined with talented and passionate preaching, self-sacrificing pastoral Ministry.

Over the gates of the Church is a bas-relief depicting the praying of St. Dominic. Patron dowry portrait features French Director and actor Louis Jouvet, he became a model for the sculptor andré burro, laiusega relief. Louis Jouvet died on stage during a rehearsal of the play by Graham Greene "the power and the glory" - the actor played the role of a Catholic priest who went to death for the execution of pastoral duties.

The mural Field Caravela depicts the baptism of St. Dominic, a ceiling decorated with caissons Dominican crosses and roses. One of the columns is a statue of the sacred work of Debera - patron Saint of the Church holds in his hands a rosary and a book.