/ / Church of Saint-Jacques: photo, description Eglise Saint-Jacques de Dieppe)

Church of Saint-Jacques: photo, description Eglise Saint-Jacques de Dieppe)

Church of Saint-Jacques is located in the centre of the Normandy city of Dieppe, founded in 1030. About a kilometer from the construction already starts the port district of the city, where is also located the tourist office.

The construction of the Church, dedicated to St. James, known in the French tradition under the name of Jacques, began in the XII century. While a full-fledged parish of St. James appeared in the city in 1282. The work was delayed for several centuries, and therefore in the appearance of the Church is clearly traced two architectural styles - flamboyant Gothic and the Renaissance. Every detail of the Cathedral was finished in the time, one of the earliest of its parts, for example, is the transept in the second half of the XII century, while the choir and aisles were finished in the XIII century. The main portal of the Cathedral, a masterpiece of the Gothic style, was completed in the XIV century and the bell tower was added a century later still. Then, in the XV century, was completed all the side chapel.

Notably the two small chapels at the entrance to the Church - they are the most ancient parts of the building, as preserved from the time of the primitive Church, from which nothing more is left. As for the interior of the temple, it is also worth to pay attention to its Treasury, famous for its "savage frieze". He owes such an interesting title appearance - this frieze depicts scenes from the life of the natives of the New Earth. This story has become quite common in the midst of the era of geographical discoveries, especially given the fact that in Dieppe, a major sea port, often arrived Laden with colonial goods mariners. Frieze was completed in the XVI-XVII centuries.

In 1840 the Church of St Jacques in Dieppe city was recognized as a monument of history and culture of France and since then is under protection of the state.