/ / Church of Saint-Jacques: photo, description Eglise Saint-Jacques de Reims)

Church of Saint-Jacques: photo, description Eglise Saint-Jacques de Reims)

At the end of XII century, the peer of Rheims and Archbishop Guillaume de champagne, also known by the nickname "White hands", was allocated a plot of land for a new community of monks. On this site soon construction began on the Church, which was consecrated by the name of St. James. Originally the Church was outside the city walls, but subsequently grew around it a city block.

Today this temple is surrounded on all sides by buildings of a later period, and the Church itself over the past century has significantly changed its appearance. In the XVI century were expanded choir and side chapels. In the early eighteenth century, a storm destroyed the bell tower and had to build a new tower. However, it was destroyed during the First world war, and restored only at the end of the last century. During the great French revolution the building was turned into stables and barracks, after which the Church needed substantial restoration.

Currently in Reims this Church is the only parish that was organized before the revolution. In the XX century was reconstructed Church and certain elements of its decoration. After the First world war, the building was reinforced with elements of reinforced concrete, a decision was proposed by the architect Henri Den. Testing this method in the Church of Saint-Jacques, the architect then used it in the reconstruction of Reims Cathedral Notre-Dame.

In the 70-ies of the last century were restored on. And in the second half of XX-th and at the beginning of this century was three times renewed Church stained glass Windows. In 1969, the glass image was created by Josef šíma, Czech master. In 90-e years were stained glass Windows work of the Portuguese artist Maria Helena Vieira da Silva, previously executed wall painting of the chapel and part of the choir. In 2011, in Church there was a stained glass series composed by Mark Benoit.