/ / Church Saint-Jean: photo, description Eglise Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Valence)

Church Saint-Jean: photo, description Eglise Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Valence)

The Church of St. John the Baptist in valence located in the old part of the city, in the square with the same name - the Place Saint-Jean. Very near this Church, you can see other famous attractions of valence - for example, "House of heads" of the XVI century, decorated with sculpted portraits of famous figures of the ancient world - philosopher Aristotle, and poet Homer, healer Hippocrates, and others, as well as mansions, built in the XVIII century.

The Church is one of the oldest buildings of the valence - it was built approximately at the turn of XI-XII centuries. However, from its original appearance preserved only the bell tower, built in the XII century. Everything else was burned during a fire that occurred in the years of religious clashes between Catholics and Protestants. The surviving tower was long the tallest structure in the valence.

The Church building was restored only in the second half of the XVIII century, just before the beginning of the French revolution. After the revolution, the Church work was resumed only in the mid XIX century.

Church Saint-Jean is recognized as one of the historical symbols of valence and the main temple of the city is the Cathedral of St. Apollinaris consecrated in the end of XI century. In the area between the Cathedral and the Church located a few old city streets, who make up the heart of the Old town.