/ / Church Saint-Jean: photo, description Eglise Saint-Jean de Dijon)

Church Saint-Jean: photo, description Eglise Saint-Jean de Dijon)

St. John's Church in Dijon today is not a working Church, this building houses the theatre Dijon Bourgogne, with the status of the national centre of dramatic art.

The Church of Saint-Jean - one of the oldest religious structures in the city. Its construction lasted two decades during the second half of the XV century. The first Church was a small chapel. "Home" for theatre, the Church began only in 1974, after the appropriate conversion.

The great French revolution, the Church survived with some damage - namely, was partially demolished with its tower. In the nineteenth century it suffered not less severe losses associated with the plans of local authorities for improvement of the city. During the construction of the square bossue was demolished part of the building of the Church. After the revolution the Church was re-consecrated and used for its purpose, even for about a hundred years - from 1862 to 1972.

The name of the area on which the temple was in honor of Jacques-Benina, bossue known in the XVII century preacher, theologian and Bishop. His statue was installed at one of the walls of the Church. Near the Church is the Church of St. Philibert - a former temple of winemakers, built in the XII-XVI centuries and recognized monument of history.

By the way, several ancient churches of Dijon are currently placed in the walls of various cultural institutions. So, at St. Stephen's Church (XV century) is a Museum dedicated to the life and work of a native of Dijon, the famous sculptor of the XIX century Francois Ruud. And in the Church of St. Anne (early XVIII century) you can see the collection of the Museum of sacred art.