/ / Church Saint-Jean: photo, description Eglise Saint-Jean de Caen)

Church Saint-Jean: photo, description Eglise Saint-Jean de Caen)

Church Saint-Jean is located almost in the center of the Old city of Caen, Basse Normandie, North West France. Less than a mile from the Church is a large medieval fortress.

The first sanctuary, dedicated to the Holy Apostle John, came here in the seventh century - it is located on the site of the ancient Roman road. During 1954-1956 the archaeological site was discovered by the ancient gravestones and sarcophagi Dating from that era, but traces of the religious buildings were not found.

Then it was successively built two more Church of Saint Jean - in the XI and XII centuries, however, these Romanesque structures remained nothing. The temple was almost completely destroyed during the siege of 1417, and was rebuilt after the hundred years war. In this form it has reached our days. Refers to the XV century portal of the Cathedral, its nave and bell tower, component 46 meters in height. In the XVI century was completed choirs. Overall, the Cathedral is built mostly in the Gothic style, especially notable is its main façade, a masterpiece of flamboyant Gothic. However, some decorative elements belong to the later styles, including the style of the Renaissance.

The Church escaped serious damage during the French revolution, and in 1802 the resumed service. However, the building was severely damaged during the Battle of Caen in 1944.

The Church interior is decorated mainly in the style of XVIII-XIX centuries. But it should be noted that many decorative elements, including furniture, paintings and Church utensils, was seriously damaged during the Second world war. But during the subsequent restoration works and archaeological excavations have been found ancient statues, previously considered lost, and some tombstones and sarcophagi, Dating from the XIII-XIV centuries. Most vintage details are the wooden sculpture of the XVII century, as well as the altar of 1640, depicting the Annunciation. The Church organ was manufactured in 1969.