/ / The Church of Saint-Joseph: photo, description Eglise Saint-Joseph du Havre)

The Church of Saint-Joseph: photo, description Eglise Saint-Joseph du Havre)

During the Second world war, Le Havre was almost completely destroyed. Following her graduation from the city centre rebuilt by architect Auguste Perret. One of the structures created by Perret for Le Havre town centre, was the Cathedral of St. Joseph. This building with a 107-meter bell tower with what just did not compare - with a lighthouse, a fortress, skyscraper, industrial building. However, it is an active Catholic Church that is a monument to the victims of the Second world war.

The first religious building on this spot was built in the second half of the XIX century it was a chapel, whose construction was not stopped even during the Franco-Prussian war. After just a few years after the end of construction works here have decided to build a temple. It was built in just four years and took the parishioners already in 1877. Next to him is an old wooden belfry, as new decided not to build. Both of these buildings were destroyed in 1944.

Work on the construction of the present building was also carried out rather quickly: from the laying of the first stone to the consecration of the Cathedral took only ten years, from 1951 to 1961. Even a few years later the Cathedral was declared a historical monument and included in the state registry. And in the beginning of this century has already taken place, the reconstruction of this monumental structure.

For its construction, Auguste Perret and completes the construction after his death, Raymond Ediger used concrete and steel - 50 thousand tons and 700 tons respectively. To secure the structure to the Foundation were driven into sixteen 15-metre-long piles with a diameter of about five feet.

Ornaments of this modern Cathedral are the stained glass Windows, colored glass which are in a certain way: the bottom darker shades at the top - bright colors oriented to the cardinal points and with their own symbols. Just the design of the Cathedral Saint-Joseph used colored glass fifty shades. In the beginning of this century, the temple was set on. Unlike ancient temples in this temple the altar is located in the centre of the building.