/ / Church Saint-léger: photo, description Eglise Saint-Leger de Lens)

Church Saint-léger: photo, description Eglise Saint-Leger de Lens)

Church Saint-léger is located in the heart of the city of lens, Northern France, the region of Pas-de-Calais. A few hundred metres from the temple is the office of tourism and city hall.

The modern Church of St Leger is the third building erected on this spot. The first chapel was built in the first half of X century, and it stood for over 500 years - it was destroyed during the Thirty years war at the end of the XVII century. However, after that it is about a hundred years lay in ruins and was only rebuilt in 1780. Even then, she moved on to the Jesuit order, however, in 1790, in connection with the beginning of the French revolution, all religious institutions were abolished. However, in 1803 the building was returned to the Catholic Church.

The first world war proved fatal for the Church Saint-Leger: at first it was occupied by German invaders, and in 1916 it was completely destroyed during the bombing. Third, extant, the Church building was built in 1926. The Church managed to survive the difficult years of the Second world war virtually unscathed.

The Church is made in the style typical of Jesuit churches. During its restoration in the early twentieth century the goal was to recreate the image of buildings of the XVIII century. The long nave of the Cathedral, which resembles a form of the Jerusalem cross, is supported by a strong flying buttresses. It should be noted that the building was built not of stone but of solid concrete, through which he was able to withstand the hardships of the war years.

Inside the Church features vaulted ceilings and graceful columns. The Church plate and other interior parts were destroyed in the XX century, with the exception of the statue of the blessed virgin Mary of the XVII century. She is now located in the memorial chapel, dedicated to the victims of the First world war. The organ was completed in 1988.