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Church Saint-LEU-Saint-Gilles: photo, description Eglise Saint-Leu-Saint-Gilles)

Church Saint-LEU-Saint-Gilles is one of the oldest in Paris. In its design it still retained Romanesque features, as it was being built in the XII century.

Dedicated to this small temple to the two Holy martyrs - Archbishop Le (VI-VII century) and the hermit, Gilles, who lived a century later. Their memory the Catholic Church celebrates the same day, September 1.

The temple is known also one of the most important Christian shrines - the relics of the Holy equal to the apostles Empress Helen, mother of Emperor Constantine, who was the first Roman emperors adopted Christianity. Elena was about 80 years old when she went to Jerusalem to organize the excavations at the place of execution of Jesus Christ. So in 326 year, there was a finding of the true cross and other Christian relics. The relics of Saint Helena was originally buried in Rome but in the ninth century a monk brought part of them to France, to the abode of Avila. During the revolution, the local priest, father Grasse kept the reliquary with the relics from destruction. In 1820, he gave it to the knights of the Holy Sepulchre, which had been collected annually in Saint-LEU-Saint-Gilles. Here, under the altar, knights, and placed the relic.

The Church for eight years repeatedly rebuilt and reconstructed. Its facade dates from the sixteenth century, the roof was completed in the XVIII century, and the bell tower appeared only in 1858. The building suffered severely during three revolutions - the great, the 1830 and 1848. When the Paris commune and of the Church; and over the relics under threat: the great statue was blown up, the building converted into a food warehouse, and the relics of Saint Helena was going to destroy all. However, when a group of revolutionaries came to this Church, one of them suddenly said that if the blasphemers dare take another step he will shoot. The priest picked up the fallen cancer. Since then, the relic is held in Saint-LEU-Saint-Gilles - in the crypt, in a special sarcophagus.

Inside the Church you can see a lot of wonderful stained glass Windows, paintings and sculptures. Stands out the sculpture of the "virgin with St. Anne" by Jean Bullan (XVI century).