/ / Church of Saint-Laurent-du-Mont: photo, description Eglise Saint-Laurent-du-Mont)

Church of Saint-Laurent-du-Mont: photo, description Eglise Saint-Laurent-du-Mont)

Church of Saint-Laurent-du-Mont is located in the southern French commune Arge-sur-Mer, located at the border with Spain. The temple stands on a hill whose height reaches almost 300 meters above the sea level.

The first mention of a Christian sanctuary in honour of St. Lawrence in this area appeared in the year 981, in the document belonging to Lothair, king of the Franks. The full name of the attraction, "Saint-Laurent-du-Mont" is translated from French as "St. Lawrence's Church on the hill".

The present Church was completed in 1164. It is made in the style typical of Romanesque architecture, however by some miracle the building survived for over 800 years and has survived in authentic form - it never had to build or rebuild. Thus, the Church of Saint-Laurent-du-Mont is a unique example of surviving religious buildings of the XII century in the historical region of Roussillon.

For a long time the Church of Saint-Laurent had a great influence in the region - it served as the parish center of St. Peter (Saint Pierre). However, in the seventeenth century, this parish was abolished and the Church was abandoned - but not forgotten finally, here was a rare worship.

The Church consists of one nave whose length reaches 21 meters. It is built of pale yellow stone. Especially noteworthy is her window - only four of them, and they are quite small in size, which is typical for the architecture of the Romanesque style.

In 1994, the Church of Saint-Laurent-du-Mont in the city Arge-sur-Mer was recognized as a monument of history and culture of France. Since it is under state protection.