/ / The Church of Saint-Louis d Antin: photos, description Eglise Saint-Louis d'antin)

The Church of Saint-Louis d Antin: photos, description Eglise Saint-Louis d'antin)

The Church of Saint-Louis d Antin is one of the most unusual in Paris: glittering with gilded interior, but outwardly modest so that while passing by, it can be easy to ignore. In addition, this Church is a continuous confession.

In the second half of the XVIII century the area where now the Church has grown rapidly, citizens were seduced numerous entertainment options. In an effort to balance the mundane with the spiritual, king Louis XVI decided to build here a monastery of Capuchins. By 1782 the architect Alexandre Theodore Brongniart completed complex of buildings, including the chapel. The revolution nationalized the monastery and the chapel became in 1795 the parish Church of Saint-Louis d Antin. In the same buildings of the former monastery settled the lycée Condorcet, and today adjacent to the Church is one of the best French high schools, from its walls came Marcel Proust, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Louis de Funes.

Saint-Louis d Antin is small, but draws attention to the interior, which clearly shows the influence of ancient Christian churches. Architect Brongniart deliberately rejected the aesthetics of contemporary Baroque and designed the temple in the "heavy" style of antiquity: a geometrically rigorous volumes, bare walls, Doric columns. This initial plan has overlapped with the efforts of fifteen artists who in the course of the nineteenth century enriched the interior. Deliberately simple volumes of space entirely covered with gold painting, on the columns there are extraordinary murals in the Windows - stained glass Edward-Amédée Didron.

The plan of the Church has this feature: the colonnade is here only on one side of the main nave. Behind the columns is located the chapel and several confessionals (booths for confession). There are also chairs on the waiting list for repentance. Saint-Louis d Antin is located in a very noisy and "entrance" area - nearby Saint-Lazare station, the huge hypermarkets. All in a hurry, and people seemingly not to the Church. However, parish priests established a continuous schedule of confession, from morning to evening, seven days a week - Paris is a rarity. And confessionally always full.