/ / The Church Saint-Louis-EN-l'île: photo, description Eglise Saint Louis en L'ile)

The Church Saint-Louis-EN-l'île: photo, description Eglise Saint Louis en L'ile)

The Church Saint-Louis-EN-l'ile is the only on the island of Saint-Louis. This is one of the smallest parishes of Paris. If you do not raise the head, just do not understand that the simple strict building of the Church. But from a distance you can clearly see the spire, covered in holes, like cheese. It is not an ornament but a necessity - to not work, as in 1701, a chapel standing on the site of the present Church. Then from-for a strong wind (not uncommon on the island) blown away, several people were killed.

An old chapel called Notre-Dame-EN-l'ile (the virgin island). Then the island is called Notre Dame. Renamed it in 1725 in honor of St. Louis IX. According to legend, the Church canonized the king liked to pray in this desolate place. It was here that he took the cross before going to Tunisia, where he died. The new Church built by the project of françois Le vot and consecrated in 1726, was named after a Saint - Saint-Louis-EN-l'île (Saint-Louis island).

Her story is tragic pages of the French revolution. Priest Corentin Corolla took the oath to the Republic, the Church was closed and plundered, all the metal parts are sent to be melted at the Mint. There remained only the statue of the virgin and child with St. Genevieve by Francois Ladata, but was renamed Freedom and Equality. The Church became a book store, then sold it to a private person. The new owner, a man named Fontaine, he allowed the father Corentine secretly to serve Mass.

After signing in 1801, the Concordat father Corentin, long ago renounced the oath, again became curate in his parish. And on March 10, 1805 he officially took Pope Pius VII - the Pope, who arrived in Paris for Napoleon's coronation, celebrated Mass in Saint-Louis-EN-l'ile. The damaged walls were covered with tapestries. Part of the tapestry with the coat of arms of the Pontiff is still preserved behind the altar.

The restoration of the Church was partly due to the city partially funds the next priest, father Louis-Auguste, bossue (he even sold his vast library). Now completely renovated, the interior is a fine example of the Baroque style. Eight paintings in the baptistry depicting scenes from the life of Christ, belong to the Rhenish school of the XVI century. Luxury on - new, built in 2005.

The atmosphere in Saint-Louis-EN-l'ile is a peaceful, quiet, no crowds of tourists, this is an example of an ordinary parish of the Christian Church.