/ / Church of Saint-Marie-Majeure: photos, description (Eglise Sainte-Marie-Majeure)

Church of Saint-Marie-Majeure: photos, description (Eglise Sainte-Marie-Majeure)

In the oldest part of Bonifacio, starting from Europe square is the Church of Saint-Marie-Majeure. Its decoration is recognized as the richest and most beautiful among the city's churches.

The Church has the status of a Basilica was supposedly built in the XII century by immigrants from the Italian Pisa. The first mention of this building dates from the first half of the XIII century. The building of the Church was repeatedly rebuilt in the XIV century it was enlarged with a bell tower, and in the XVIII-th was reconstructed tower.

Some of the features of the Church, typical for the first period of construction, has been preserved. For example, to the facade of the Church was added to the loggia, a porch with arched openings, brought in the hot afternoon a cool saving. Therefore, under the roof of this outhouse in the Middle ages was going to the first face of Bonifacio in order to discuss the laws, make important to urban life decision or to make justice. And now in the shade of the loggia escape burnt by the heat of tourists. Under the loggia in the Middle ages was located the reservoir, which flowed at the special arches of the roofs of the neighboring buildings rainwater. All of these tools in those days was considered very innovative.

One of the portals of the Basilica was later decorated with the emblem of Genoa. The Church building was made of white limestone, the predominant style is Romanesque, but the four upper tier of the belfry was built in the Gothic style. North side of bell tower is decorated with carvings, while the Western facade of the Church is a stone outlet.

Church of Saint-Marie-Majeure was considered a historical monument only since 1982.