/ / The Church of Saint-Martin: photo, description Eglise Saint-Martin)

The Church of Saint-Martin: photo, description Eglise Saint-Martin)

The Church of St. Martin is a small and modest equally outside and inside the temple, however, which is the oldest in Biarritz. It is located on the same street, this hotel is close to Chateau de Grammont - the mansion from which, perhaps, began the development of Biarritz as a fashionable and popular resort. It was in this house stayed during his first visit to Biarritz the Emperor Napoleon III. Admiring the local climate, sea and landscapes, he decided to build a Villa for his wife, who was named after her. But a closer "neighbor" of the Church is the town cemetery.

Church Saint-Martin was built in the XII century and reconstructed in 1541. Today it is a small, but not devoid of charm building with light gray color is quite often visited by tourists. Some of them certainly are connoisseurs of organ music in the Church in 1973, a tool was installed, considered to be the best in Biarritz. Thanks to the very body and wonderful acoustics in the Church building regularly hosts concerts and even an international competition of performers of organ music.

In addition to the body, another ornament of restrained interior of the Church are the stained glass Windows. If you want you can see under the arches of a small bas-reliefs. The Church of St. Martin was so modest building that did not even own bell tower. Her role was played by one of the walls, which was a little above the rest and acted on the facade.

The name of the Church was in honor of the venerated Saint in France, and it intersects with the geographical location of Biarritz - the whole town is on a promontory, which is also known as Saint-Martin.