/ / Church of Saint-Merri: photos, description (Eglise Saint-Merri)

Church of Saint-Merri: photos, description (Eglise Saint-Merri)

Church of Saint-Merri is located on the right Bank of the Seine a hundred yards South of the Pompidou Centre, right next to the Stravinsky fountain. It is sometimes called the "little Notre Dame" - it is very similar to the main Church of Paris, and served there seven canons of the Chapter of the Cathedral.

The Church was built from 1520 to 1612 on the site of the chapel, in which was buried a monk-hermit of the Holy Mederic, considered the patron Saint of the right Bank of the Seine. His remains are now here in the crypt. From the chapel-the predecessor in the Church there is only a single window facing the street Saint-Martin.

The building is constructed in typical French flamboyant Gothic style. However, the lines of the interior are restrained and architectural integrity. The Church was repeatedly reconstructed in the XVIII century, the Gothic elements were replaced by Baroque. For example, the choir was decorated with marble, as a few years earlier happened in Notre-Dame de Paris. In the years 1703-1706 Bartolomeo Rastrelli created here are carved from marble, the tomb of the Marquis de Pomponne, but it was completely destroyed during the French revolution. At that time there was a factory for the production of nitrate. However, the oldest Parisian bell on the bell tower, cast in 1331) managed to survive not only the revolution, but fierce fighting during the uprising against the July monarchy in 1832 near the temple was then erected barricades.

In the interior of the Church is widely used paintings by French masters, classical and modern sculpture. Above the altar of the left transept is a painting of the now almost forgotten Simon Vouet's "Saint Mederic, liberating prisoners." Next - written a half-century painting by Guillaume-françois Colson "Saint Charles Borromeo giving communion to the sick by the plague" (1819). In Saint-Merri is a beautiful Pieta, the scene of lamentation of Christ the Virgin Mary - the author of sculptures attributed to Nicola Legendre. At the same time you can see a very natural bronze "Christ insulted" Pierre de Gros.

Saint-Merri - functioning Church, plays the role of a pastoral centre in the Beaubourg district. Concerts of sacred music every Saturday gives here the Vocal Academy of Paris.