/ / Church Saint-Maurice: photo, description Eglise Saint-Maurice de Lille)

Church Saint-Maurice: photo, description Eglise Saint-Maurice de Lille)

St. Mauritius Church - failed Cathedral of Lille. While Yes it was built was rebuilt in the mid-nineteenth century began the construction of the Basilica Notre Dame de La Treille, in which was placed the chair of the Bishop.

The construction of the Church Saint-Maurice in Lille, even by medieval standards were very long - more than five hundred years. The construction began in the fourteenth century, and by the end of the last parts of the building in the XIX century the first elements of the Church needed restoration. In addition, over the five centuries of construction of different part of the building was created in different architectural styles. The appearance of the Church was so exotic that architect Philippe Candise in the XIX century, except for restoration work, wanted to make the building appearance more beautiful and harmonious.

After the restoration of the Church building is more spacious, inside and outside it is decorated with works of art - sculptures Lille masters, and paintings. Part of this fine furniture was stolen during the French revolution. After she somehow managed to return, and the individual works were lost forever.

Despite the revolutionary events helped to preserve the valuable relics, such as paintings of Louis Watteau, Jacob van Oost, the younger, Jean-Baptiste Rossignol. Many of them were created in the XVII century. Later in neo-Gothic style, which was circulated at the turn of XVIII-XIX centuries, was created a masterpiece of jewelry art is the monstrance of St. Mauritius. Its author is Louis Debove. Church Windows decorated with stained glass Windows that were restored after the Second world war.

Church of Saint-Maurice is an active Church and yet becomes the site of cultural events. The city Church is a short walk from the station Lille-Flandres.