/ / Church of Saint-Augustin: photo description (Eglise Saint-Augustin)

Church of Saint-Augustin: photo description (Eglise Saint-Augustin)

Church of Saint-Augustin (St. Augustine) Catholic Church, located between the Boulevard Malesherbes and the Avenue Cesar tower. A small area in front of the Church and is called Saint-Augustin.

The appearance of the temple was a direct consequence of the urban reform active of the prefect of Paris, Baron Haussmann. Large-scale housing construction in the area in the second half of the nineteenth century and demanded a new Church. Erected the Victor Baltar, architect of Les Halles.

The task was difficult: the site selected for the Church was elongated and rather narrow. Baltar safely used new for that time technology: the Foundation of a building 80 meters high has become a sturdy metal frame, then lined with stone. This allowed to abandon the usual buttresses, to require additional space.

The Church is constructed in the eclectic style, incorporating elements of Romanesque and Byzantine architecture. The facade is decorated with huge window-rose above the Church gate is a bas-relief depicting Christ and His twelve apostles.

The temple is dedicated to Saint Augustine, the great Christian philosopher, preacher, and theologian IV-V centuries. This is one of the Fathers of the Christian Church, is deeply revered both in Catholicism and Orthodoxy. In his autobiographical work "Confessions", he describes how, through heresy, know God. SV. Augustine developed a wonderfully deep teaching about the relationship between God and man, the freedom of the human will and divine predestination, on time and space.

In the square before the Church of St. Augustine in 1896 was a second in Paris, equestrian statue of Joan of Arc by the sculptor Jean Dubois. The sculpture depicts the maid of Orleans with a sword in his right hand, the eyes of a warrior raised to the sky. By artistic value of the monument is much superior to the gilded brother of the square Pyramids.

The architecture of the Church, its interior is impressive. It was here that the famous Explorer of Africa, Charles de foucauld has experienced a stunning conversion experience to the faith and deep spiritual transformation.