/ / Church of Saint-Pierre: photo description (Eglise Saint-Pierre de Chartres)

Church of Saint-Pierre: photo description (Eglise Saint-Pierre de Chartres)

St. Peter's Church located in the southern part of the old town of Chartres, near the Cathedral of Notre Dame. This is one of the oldest churches in the city and the second largest Church in Chartres. Currently, it is often organ and hosts festivals and concerts of organ music.

The Church was part of the Abbey of Saint-Père-EN-vallée, which belonged to the Benedictine order. This monastery was founded by the wife of king Clovis Second his bride in the VII century. Until the twelfth century the Abbey was outside the city walls, therefore, was subject to attacks of the Normans, and during one of the raids was set on fire. During a fire burned the Church, and its restoration lasted for a couple of centuries.

Also in the XI-XII century the monastery was the center of attraction of pilgrims - all of them began to come here to venerate the relics of St. Hildwine. Along with this began to grow and the revenues of the Abbey, which allowed him to engage in the construction of their buildings and their decoration. In the XIII century in the Windows of the Church were stained glass Windows, which were lined with scenes from the life of John the Baptist and the apostles, and other saints and popes. After the revolution in the Church there was also a stained glass Windows transferred from another Church - destroyed Saint-Hilaire. These paintings date from the XVI century and was probably created by Robert Pingree - masters, which adorned his works, and Metropolitan churches.

After the French revolution the Church was nationalized and changed its profile - has been turned into a factory for the production of nitrate and other monastic buildings in the barracks. Today real estate of the monastery belongs to several institutions - the Lyceum the Museum and the hospital, high school. Monastery buildings were built in the period from XIII to the beginning of the XVII century.