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Church of Saint-Pierre: photo description (L'église Saint-Pierre)

The Church of St. Peter (Saint Pierre) in Avignon is located on one of Central squares of the city - place Saint-Pierre. The first Church building was erected in VII century. The building, which city visitors see today was built in the first half of the XIV century. The restoration of the temple was carried out by the means of cardinal Pierre de Près. The facade of the Church decorated in the later flamboyant Gothic style, which is characterized by a large amount of jewelry in the shape of a long flame. The decor of the facade of the Church was completed in 1512. Thanks to these decorative elements, the Church is recognized as one of the most beautiful churches of Avignon. In the interior of the temple you can also see the features of the Baroque style.

Above the main Church building stands the octagonal bell tower, and inside it you can enter via wooden door, decorated with intricate carvings. Visited the Church of Saint-Pierre celebrate their beauty and uniqueness. This item was made by the sculptor Antoine Something in the XVI century. The height of the door is 4 meters. The altarpiece behind the altar of the Church, performed the Avignon sculptor, Umberto Bouchon, also lived here in the XVI century.

In the temple in our days holding services and concerts of organ music. At these events the Church and open to visitors who can see inside of the temple choirs of the seventeenth century, covered with gilding, and painting "the adoration of the Magi painter Simon de Chalons (XVII century). Wishing to continue the acquaintance with the work of this artist is worth visiting the Museum of fine arts of Avignon.