/ / Church of Saint-Pierre: photo description (Eglise Saint-Pierre de Caen)

Church of Saint-Pierre: photo description (Eglise Saint-Pierre de Caen)

In Caen, St. Peter's Church is opposite the castle of William the Conqueror, in the eponymous square, from which originates the Rue Saint-Pierre. Square and both constructions constitute the historical center of the city, its architectural landmark and serve as a place of attraction for tourists.

St. Peter's Church, which is the main in the city, was built in the XIII century on the site of the temple, which stood there from the VII century. Until the XVI century Church of Saint-Pierre was rebuilt several times. Recent changes in her appearance were made in the second half of the last century after the Second world war. Towards the end of the war the Church was severely damaged by bombing, in particular, was destroyed, its Gothic tower with a spire, and it took her a full recovery. The height of the tower and spire is almost 80 meters, thanks to them the Church towers above the old city blocks.

Fortunately, during the war not affected the interior of the Church, and guests of Cana, is still unable to enjoy the stained glass, sculpture and especially skillful stone carving, which is more like frozen lace. The facade of the Church is also decorated with carved stone decor, which complement the stone gargoyles and statues of saints.

During the great French revolution, the Church was nationalized and turned into a temple of a new cult.

Rue Saint-Pierre, which adjoins the area where the Church is located, is a pedestrian. It saved two houses from half-timbered houses, decorated with stone and wooden decorative elements.