/ / Church of Saint-Pierre-de-Uppen: photos, description Eglise Saint-Pierre d Huppain)

Church of Saint-Pierre-de-Uppen: photos, description Eglise Saint-Pierre d Huppain)

Church of Saint-Pierre is located about a kilometer from the sea. It is located in the district Upper the Norman town of port-EN-Bessin-Open. This small ancient village of XIII century only in 1972 became part of the city.

The Church itself is a fairly modest build, but it is also very old - parts of it date back to the XI century, and the building itself was completed in the thirteenth century. Especially notable is his powerful West portal with a triangular pediment and three arcades, and also three-tier bell tower, which is surmounted by a quadrangular spire. In principle, this structure is considered a typical example of Romanesque religious architecture in the region. However, you should pay attention to the arcades that adorn the middle level of the tower - this element of decor is rare in the territory of Normandy. At the entrance to the temple stands a small ancient statue of St. Peter, the patron Saint of this Church, seated on his throne. The exact date of the creation of this sculpture is unknown, but it is dated approximately the end of the middle Ages. Also here you can find the gravestone of the father of Theodore Le Masure known local parish priest of the late nineteenth century.

While the appearance of the Church refers primarily to the XI century, its interior design was done later. The oldest part of the temple is the choir room with low vaulted ceilings. Also worth noting is the striking modern stained glass Church Windows depicting the four saints Anthony, John, Benedict and Nicholas.

Interestingly, earlier St. Peter's Church served as a burial chapel at the ancient Abbey Cerisy (Cerisy). And now around this Church is preserved an ancient cemetery.

In 1913, the Church of Saint-Pierre-de-Upper in port-EN-Bessin was recognized as a monument of history and culture of France.