/ / Church Saint-rémy: photo, description Eglise Saint-Remi)

Church Saint-rémy: photo, description Eglise Saint-Remi)

Church Saint-rémi is located in the quarter of St. Peter (Saint Pierre) port district of Bakalan located in the North of the major city Bordeaux. This area is known for the fact that in the XV century it was considered the outskirts of the city, enjoying the poor popularity - it was undeveloped, wetlands. But even then, the Church of Saint-rémy existed - it was built in Gothic style between the XIV and XVI centuries.

In the early seventeenth century was the drainage of wetlands for Bordeaux - for this city was designed by Dutch scientists who performed the same surgery in their own country. Since then, the area began to grow - at the same time it got its modern name: Bacalan. And when there was a landscaped city port, Bakalan began to attract wealthy ship owners and merchants. Already in the eighteenth century comparatively small, though consisting of two naves, the Church Saint-Remy seemed to be lost in the lush mansions, erected in this quarter. Now the Church as a separate structure no longer exists - so close were here construction. From the old buildings remained only a part of the main facade and the bell tower of the XIV century with truncated top. Inside the Church are preserved some vaulted ceilings, supported by columns, however one of them was rebuilt as a triumphal arch.

From 1791, the Church of Saint Remy, like many other religious buildings during the great French revolution, lost its sacred purpose. The restoration of the Church began much later - in the mid-twentieth century. In 1998, the temple was finally opened to tourist visits, although he never was returned to the Catholic Church - now there is a major urban cultural center.

In the course of archaeological excavations in 1866, held in the Eastern part of the Church, was found a unique specimen of ancient art - Roman mosaic. It is believed that earlier this place was a pagan temple dedicated to the God Jupiter.