/ / The Church of St. Rosalie: photo, description Eglise Sainte-Rosalie)

The Church of St. Rosalie: photo, description Eglise Sainte-Rosalie)

Church of Saint Rosalie is named after sister Rosalie, in the world of Jeanne Marie Rendu - amazing women, during the first half of the XIX century, the former center of the whole charity movement in France.

The daughter of wealthy farmers, she secretly took first communion in the terrible years of the revolution. At the age of thirteen left the family to become an Ursuline. Giving vows to the Lord, more than half a century ministered to the poor and the sick in the streets near the Paris Church of Saint-Médard. During the two revolutions of 1830 and 1848, this woman bypassed the barricades and rescued the wounded of the warring parties. Her motto was: "We are not here to kill". In 1852 Napoleon III erected a sister Rosalie in the dignity of Chevalier of the Legion of honor. When sister Rosalie in 1856 died, her coffin went to the cemetery Montparnasse, a huge weeping crowd. The name of sister named Paris Avenue near Plaza Italia. In 2003, Pope John Paul II canonized ascetic beatified.

It is, however, to note that the Church is dedicated to Holy (not blessed) Rosalie. The fact is that before the reforms of Haussmann in the quarter stood a chapel dedicated to St. Rosalia of Palermo, the Oracle of the XII century, the patron Saint of the capital of Sicily. In 1867 a number of buildings in the area, including the chapel, were expropriated by the government for the construction of new streets. As compensation for the forced demolition of the chapel was built nearby by architect Marchand Church of Saint Rosalie.

The heavenly patron of the Church became, as before, Saint Rosalia of Sicily. But the first Abbot of the temple, the Abbot Le Rabbi, sought to emphasize that the arrival cherishes a grateful memory of the fearless Paris sister Rosalie. Here is her marble statue. And in the great window of the altar one can see a very beautiful multi-stained glass works of Edward Didron Amadeus, where on the left hand of the virgin and child depicted the Holy Elena and sister Rosalie. Nun-Ursuline holding a model of a humble Church named for two women, separated by centuries, but United by a love for people.