/ / Church Saint-Romain-de-sèvre: photo, description Eglise Saint-Romain de Sevres)

Church Saint-Romain-de-sèvre: photo, description Eglise Saint-Romain de Sevres)

Church Saint-Romain is located in Sevres, Boulevard Péripherique - from the centre of Paris far away, especially here hardly anyone will go. But if the tourist decides to visit the famous Sèvres manufactory, he should definitely go to this ancient Church, covered with legends. Sometimes legends in the literal sense of the word.

Already at the appearance of Saint-Romain it is clear that the Romanesque Church is very old. This is clearly not a remake of the Haussmann era. But - how old? Inside there is a plaque with the names of benefactors of the temple, which clearly States: "675, Dagobert II, he founded the Church." Is it really so? From Dagobert, king Austrasia (one of the parts of the future of France was very strained relations with the clergy, although later he was canonized. It turns out that the date indicated in 1893, local priest Ambrose Brasilier, and pointed out absolutely correctly. However, we know that later, during the destruction of the village of Sevres by the Normans (XI century), the Church were really here. Between 1150 and 1250 years it was rebuilt during the hundred years war (XIV-XV century) was thoroughly destroyed in the XVI and XVIII centuries was rebuilt. The most recent outbuilding, porch with a turret for access to the body, refers to 1901.

It is also known that the Church was originally dedicated to John the Baptist, but in 1504 gained another heavenly patron, the Holy Roman patron of sailors.

Inside the temple draws attention to a painting of Hippolytus of Flandrina "Joan of Arc praying in the Sevres Church." The picture was a great success at the Salon of 1901, the author received a silver medal. Historians, however, believe that Joan of Arc never prayed in Sevres before a failed assault on Paris - its units came from a completely different direction. However, the picture is still good: Jeanne depicted very young, almost a girl, the soldiers and the people looking at her with adoration.

The low arches of the Church in the daytime highlights the wonderful stained glass Windows of the XIX century, depicting the life of saints. Three of the stained glass window dedicated to St. Roman, the heavenly patron of the Church.

And on what exactly there makes sense to admire, so it's on fourteen magnificent standing way of the Cross of the Lord depicted on the porcelain. They were made in 1873 by the sèvres manufactory to sketches Egle-Marie Robert, wife of Director Louis Robert.