/ / Church of Saint-Roche: photo, description Eglise Saint Roch)

Church of Saint-Roche: photo, description Eglise Saint Roch)

The Church of St. Roch, located just West of the Palais Royal, bears the name of St. Roch of Montpellier, the patron Saint of patients with plague and cholera, diseases of the feet and skin as well as livestock and dogs.

St. Roch is little known in Russia, however, is extremely revered in Catholic countries. He was born about 1295 in 20 years, lost my parents, he gave away his possessions to the poor and went on a pilgrimage. In Italy he discovered a terrible plague. The young man began to wander and to heal the sick by prayer and the sign of the cross. Soon he contracted the plague, lying in a forest hut completely exhausted, but the dog brought him bread. Holy recovered. However, upon returning home he was imprisoned as a spy - and here he ended his days.

St. Roch dedicated to a European Church. Saint-Roch is one of them. Its history began in 1521, 1645-1722 the building was rebuilt by the plans of the architect Jacques Le Mercier. Updated the first stone of the Church laid the young Louis XIV and his mother Anne of Austria. As the construction lasted more than a century, it made the hands of the leading architects of those times: étienne-Louis Boal, Francois Mansart, Robert de Cotte and his son Jules. One time construction was financed by the Scotsman John law, first in the world to realize in France the idea of paper money. The Church turned out one of the largest in Paris, its facade - an expressive example of Baroque architecture.

In the XVIII century, played here on the organ works of Aristide kavajë-nick famous Claude Balbastre. His fame was so great that the Archbishop of Paris forbade him to play in Saint-Roch - wanting to hear the great organist was so much that the congregation could not remain.

In 1795, during the armed uprising of the royalists, the Church of Saint-Roch was the scene of fierce fights the rebels with the troops of the Convention, commanded by young General Napoleon Bonaparte. The future Emperor ordered to fire on the royalists direct fire from guns - traces of fire are still visible on the facade of the temple.

In the days of the Paris commune, when many of the Paris churches had been seized by "workers clubs", Saint-Roch has remained an island of faith in the ocean of violence and cruelty.

In Saint-Roch are buried Corneille, Helvetius, Diderot, Holbach, Fragonard. In our time here funeral of Yves Saint Laurent and Annie Girardot.