/ / Church of Saint-Saturnin: photo, description Eglise Saint-Saturnin de Blois)

Church of Saint-Saturnin: photo, description Eglise Saint-Saturnin de Blois)

Church of Saint-Saturnin is located in the old quarter of Vienne in Blois. It is located only a hundred metres from the river Loire.

This Church was built a thousand years ago - in the X century. According to legend, local fishermen fished in the Loire miraculous statue of the blessed virgin Mary and therefore decided to build on the banks of the Church. Subsequently, the prestige of this temple grew even stronger, as there began to stop the pilgrims to the tomb of St. James in the Spanish city of Santiago de Compostela. Moreover, 25 APR 1429 in the Church prayed on my own Joan of Arc. Unfortunately, the original statue of the Madonna has not survived - it was destroyed in the early nineteenth century during the revolutionary terror. But in 1803 was made the new statue.

In the XVI century Church of Saint-Saturnin was burned by the Huguenots and in need of restoration. It was almost completely rebuilt - was then erected three Gothic portal and several chapels, in the style of the Renaissance. Decoration of the chapel, where the miraculous statue of the virgin Mary, was engaged to the Queen of France, the famous Catherine de Medici. The bell tower was finished in the XVII century.

As for the interior of the Church, almost all the valuable Church plate and ornaments were destroyed or looted during the French revolution, so the interior is made mostly in the late nineteenth century. There are only few vintage bronze baptismal fonts - baptisteries. Particularly noteworthy are colorful stained-glass Windows in art Deco style. Also the Church contains some fine statues depicting various saints, including Joan of Arc, canonized only in the thirties of XX century.