/ / The Church of Saint-Ambroise: photos, description Eglise Saint-Ambroise)

The Church of Saint-Ambroise: photos, description Eglise Saint-Ambroise)

The magnificent bell tower of the Church Saint-Ambroise towering above the district of the same name. Next is the narrow Rue Saint-Ambroise. Surprising: Saint Ambrose, one of the great teachers of the Church, revered in the Christian world from the fourth century.

The Church of Saint-Ambroise, however, ancient is not called: it was built by the architect Theodore Ballu in 1868, in the era of the transformation of Paris, associated with the names of the Emperor Napoleon III and prefect Baron Haussmann. Before this place was a Church Notre Dame de La Procession. It was demolished to make room for the larger size of the temple required the rapidly developing district near the canal Saint-Martin is an important waterway, the Paris of the XIX century. The problem was solved: Church size 87 37 meters up to two and a half thousand worshipers.

The architect Points were chosen for the temple is a mixture of Gothic, Romanesque revival and then fashionable neo-Byzantine style. To reduce the cost and accelerate the construction he used light and durable metal, but unlike, for example, from his contemporary Baltar hid them under the natural stone.

Inside the Church draw attention to themselves two statues of white marble: St. Ambrose (author Gerard Vincent) and St. Jeanne French (the work of Louis Noel). These two very interesting historical figures separated by centuries. Saint Ambrose, Bishop of Milan in the IV century, enjoyed such respect that he was able to make the Emperor Theodosius the Great to repent of their cruelty. What St. Ambrose had converted to Christianity and baptized a dissolute young man, who then became the great Christian theologian St. Augustine... Jeanne French, who lived twelve centuries later, was married to the Duke of Orleans at the age of 12 years. The Duke, having ascended the throne, divorced with a young Queen to marry the richest woman in Europe, Anne of Brittany. Deprived of the throne Jeanne took care of the poor and founded the women's order of Annunziata, or "the order of the ten virtues".

Chapel of the transept is dedicated to Saint Ambrose and Saint Augustine. One of the Church's stained glass Windows depicts Saint Monica, mother of St. Augustine. Wonderful huge main chandelier of the Church work Poussielgue. Made of gilded bronze, it symbolises the shining of the heavenly Jerusalem.