/ / The Church Saint-andré: photo, description, Collegiale Saint-Andre de Grenoble)

The Church Saint-andré: photo, description, Collegiale Saint-Andre de Grenoble)

St Andrew's Church in Grenoble was the result of the great ambitions of the Sixth gig, Vienne the Dauphin, which was regarded as a competitor of the local Bishop wanted to demonstrate their superiority over the head of the diocese.

By order of the Dauphin in the first half of the XIII century was built a Church, became the second in Grenoble Church in importance and size. The Church was governed by the Chapter of canons, so it received the status of a peer and the Bishop did not obey. In addition, the Dauphin, having built the Church, took care of his burial place and their successors. In the walls of the temple the ashes of the Giga Sixth and two more of dry land rested until the second half of the XVI century until the tomb was destroyed by Huguenots in the heat of the religious wars. The Church was consecrated by the name of Saint Apostle Andrey Pervozvanny, which is the Sixth Gig was worshipped as his patron, and even the second name of Paris was Andre.

The construction of the Church is not too long and was completed in the first half of the XIV century. Upon its construction using different materials: brick, stone, limestone and tuff. The spire of a Church tower rose above the city to a height of 56 meters, and at the end of the XIV century bell tower appeared first clock. They now adorn the tower, only the dial was replaced in 1851.

In the XIX century under the arches of the Church were moved to the tomb of Pierre de Bayard Terrie, a native of the historic province of Dauphine, of the commander of the Italian wars, nicknamed "the knight without fear and reproach". Also date back to the XIX century stained-glass Windows of the Church.

In Grenoble the Church is located in the square Saint-andré, which was the symbol of the power of the dry land. It is a building of the Parliament of Dauphine, whose facade contains elements of Gothic and Renaissance.