/ / The Church Saint-andré: photo, description Eglise Saint-Andre de Lille)

The Church Saint-andré: photo, description Eglise Saint-Andre de Lille)

The Church of Saint-andré in Lille is the parish Church, named after Saint Andrew the Apostle. It is known that the first Church of Saint-andré in Lille was built in the XIII century and was near the city's fortifications. In the early XVIII century during the war of the Spanish succession, Lille was besieged by the Austrian army and fired. In 1708 the first Church building was damaged, but closer to the end of the century it was destroyed completely.

After the French revolution by the name of Andrew the Primordial became known as a very different building - the chapel of the Carmelite monastery, the construction of which was carried out during the first half of the XVIII century. During the revolution this building, designed by architect Joseph Gombera, was located a grain warehouse and a shop. After the revolution of the century the building was returned to believers.

In the nineteenth century in the guise of the Church there was a bell tower, topped with not a spire, and dome, erected by the architect Marie-Louis Cordone. XX century was marked for the Church the status of a historical monument in 1949.

In the interior of the Church in Lille Saint-andré, you can see paintings by Flemish artists, stained glass Windows, created in the XIX century, the decoration of the vault of the Church and apse, other jewelry and Church utensils. In the Church there is a sculpture of saints Peter and Paul of the XVII century, which was originally created for the Church of St. Peter, but after it collapsed, the statue was moved to the Church of Saint-Andre. The chair of the Church were made of oak and carved with narrative painting, which the angel of Truth was revealed to the world the virtues of a religious man - Faith, Hope, and Charity, hidden behind the curtain of misconceptions.