/ / The Church of Sainte-Anne de La Butte AUX Cailles: a photo, description Eglise Sainte-Anne de la Butte-aux-Cailles)

The Church of Sainte-Anne de La Butte AUX Cailles: a photo, description Eglise Sainte-Anne de la Butte-aux-Cailles)

The history of the Church of Sainte-Anne de La Butte AUX Cailles - an extraordinary example of perseverance and courage, sanctified by faith. There were many reasons that the Church has not appeared at all. But it stands as a monument to the people who have invested in it all the heat of the heart.

Since the XVI century, in these places, on the hill of Buttes-AUX-Kai, were production, drawn to the Manufactory of Gobelins. In times of economic boom here tech immigrants from all over Europe. They prayed in a small chapel, named after General Jean-Baptiste Fidel bree, he commanded the troops in this district of Paris during the revolution of 1848. Not wanting the blood, the General had gone to negotiate with the rebels and was brutally murdered.

In memory of the General, it was decided to build a Church. Prefect Haussmann approved the project. But came the Franco-Prussian war, the Empire collapsed, and with it the plans of Haussmann. Communards killed the parish priest father Capte. Intended to carry and the chapel bree - she insulted their feelings - but only managed to sell Church furniture.

At the end of the century, the population of Butte AUX Cai has reached 30,000 people. The chapel was small for the parish: in 1892 it hosted the baptisms 968, 251 wedding, 1,200 children received catechesis... And then a miracle happened: a couple Nolevel brought the parish priest, Abbot Miramon, money to purchase land to build a Church. Now, for the Abbot is the main business of life.

The architect prosper Bobin designed a project in the Romano-Byzantine style. In 1894 construction began, but was faced with problems of weak soil. Seventy-drilled wells, have filled two thousand cubic meters of concrete. Happened, the rector, there was not a franc to pay the bills. Every time rescued a voluntary contribution. Old parishioner before his death, gave to the Abbot a thousand francs: "I'm useless".

Work was slow until 1898 did not happen the second miracle: the manufacturers of the chocolate she and Jules Lombart paid for the completion of the bell towers and facade (it was long called chocolate). The Abbot was inspired. In 1900 he accepted the priceless gift of the Bishop of Avignon the new temple - the relics of St. Anne. However, 1905 brought a new challenge: after separation of Church and state temples nationalized. Some donors will invest in the state?

And in 1911 a parishioner miss hook makes the largest for all time construction fee. Her example is contagious: manages the subscription to complete the choir and altar of the chapel of St. Anne, laying reliable roof design of the main entrance... on 24 October 1912 the Church was solemnly consecrated. Three months later semidistributivity Abbot Miramon dies. At the funeral service are the words: "Lord, Your servant has fulfilled its task".

The interior of the Church is austere and simple. It quickens the light falling through the bright stained-glass Windows (work of the brothers Maegan). In the mosaic-decorated chapel of St. Anna on a simple marble slab, beneath which rests the Abbot of Miramon.