/ / Church of Saint-Thomas-d akin: photos, description Eglise Saint-Thomas-d'aquin)

Church of Saint-Thomas-d akin: photos, description Eglise Saint-Thomas-d'aquin)

The Church of St Thomas d ' Aquino (St. Thomas Aquinas), facing the tiny eponymous square, named after the great Catholic philosopher and theologian, who had granted knowledge to the rank of the noblest of human activities.

The Church itself traces its history back to a small monastery chapel of the Dominicans in the Rue du BAC - however, in 1632, here, near the Sorbonne, still chasing cows. Dominican monastery appeared in this place: Paris along with Bologna was a major center of activities of the order, founded in 1216 by the monk and preacher of the Holy Dominic. The main objectives of the Dominicans was preaching, education and the fight against heresies. It was the Dominicans headed the Department of theology at the Sorbonne.

As it always happened in such cases, a small chapel very quickly no longer accommodate the parishioners, and in 1683 began the construction of a new Church by the architect Pierre Buie. By 1791, the Church was fully erected and placed under the heavenly patronage of the Dominican Saint Thomas Aquinas, five-and-a-half centuries earlier in Paris, taught theology and philosophy.

The Church with its modest façade in the style of classic Italian Baroque was richly decorated with reliefs, sculptures, stained-glass Windows. But two years later came the revolutionary terror, the Dominicans were expelled, the Church was plundered and renamed the "temple of peace". It is the club of the Jacobins, and in the monastery - Armory workshops.

The desecration of the temple returned to their mission in 1803. During the XIX and XX centuries, Paris has reimbursed the Church the lost treasure. Today here you can see a wonderful canvas, "the appearance of the virgin of Saint Jerome" by Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, Saint Catherine of Alexandria" by Jacques-Louis ACE, multi-figure composition painted dome painted by merry-Joseph Blondel, "assumption of the virgin" by Salvator Rosa. The main nave and chapels of the Church so saturated with works of art that resemble a Museum. However, this is a working temple, which is still sound passionate, penetrating to the depths of consciousness of the preaching brothers, the Dominicans.