/ / The Church of Saint-Eloi: photos, description Eglise Saint-Eloi)

The Church of Saint-Eloi: photos, description Eglise Saint-Eloi)

The Church of St. Eloi stands on the border of the historical centre of a large French city of Bordeaux, Aquitaine region. Next to it are some of the largest city gates with a bell tower, known as the Grosse Cloche.

The Church is dedicated to Saint., known in the French tradition under the name Eloi, religious and statesman of the seventh century. The first building appeared here in the XII century, while the area was still not considered urban area. The new Cathedral was built in 1245, and then this district became part of the city. When Bordeaux for a while was ceded to the British, the Church of Saint-Eloi served as the main city of the temple.

In the XV century the Church was almost completely rebuilt and re-consecrated in 1497. She was the centre of a large parish of St. Eloi, located in the affluent shopping district of the city.

With the beginning of the French revolution in 1790, the Church has lost its sacred significance - it housed warehouses and a barn. But the building escaped severe destruction during hostilities. In 1828 it was restored the main facade.

In 1980, the Church finally closed - moved here from the city archives. In the twenty-first century there were disputes between the city authorities and representatives of the Church, who should belong to this building, but in 2007 the dispute is finally resolved. Worship in the temple was resumed, moreover, there are even classical mass in the Tridentine rite.

Among the items of interior decoration of the Church, notably the main altar in the choir, made in the XVIII century. Other altars are more modern and designed in the Gothic revival style. The oldest part of the temple is a tombstone 1633.