/ / The Church of Saint-Eustache: photo, description Eglise Saint-Eustache)

The Church of Saint-Eustache: photo, description Eglise Saint-Eustache)

The Church of Saint-Eustache is near the underground commercial center Forum des Halles, the former Central market. The temple is glorified by the organ, the largest in France. On Sunday there are organ concerts.

The Church is dedicated to the Christian Martyr Eustathius, and equally revered in Catholicism and in Orthodoxy. Eustace Placid was a great military leader during the time of the Roman emperors Titus and Trajan. Christianity he took after hunting he met a deer, the horns of which he saw the image of the Savior (on the roof of St-Eustache can be considered the head of a deer). Called by the Emperor to wage war against the barbarians, Eustace brought victory and returned to Rome, where he openly confessed his faith. Together with his family he was left to the mercy of predators, but the wild beasts did not touch him. The Emperor gave orders to throw the martyrs into a red-hot maw of the copper bull - and here they died.

Saint-Eustache begun in 1532 by the architect Lemercier - for a sample, he took the Gothic Notre-Dame de Paris. Under this plan, built the nave, North chapel and facade, facing South. In the next century, a South chapel, and the vaults of the nave have experienced the influence of Renaissance style. And in the XVIII century the façade of the Church was rebuilt already in a classic style - it demolished the first span of the Church with two chapels. Thus, purely Gothic plan of the Church is combined with the Renaissance volume, and a classical facade.

After moving the Royal court to the Louvre Saint-Eustache, located near the Palace, found the role of the Church the Royal family. Here drove to Mass in a minor of Louis XIV, funeral was held here by his mother Anne of Austria and all-powerful superintendent of finances, Colbert. Here baptised the future cardinal Richelieu and Moliere.

The famous organ of Saint-Eustache is larger than the organ of Notre Dame Cathedral - it has about eight thousand pipes. Modern tool mounted only in 1989, and used part of the old pipes that survived the fire. For the music stand of the organ in Saint-Eustache sits the great Jean Guillou, the organist favorite of Queen Elizabeth II.

In front of the Church on the square rené-Cassin a statue of "Hearing" Henri de Miller is a huge human head, the hand near the ear. Head as if listening to what is happening under the ground.