/ / Church of Saint-Ours: photo, description Collegiale Saint-Ours de Loches)

Church of Saint-Ours: photo, description Collegiale Saint-Ours de Loches)

Church of Saint-Ur in Loches was previously known under the name Notre-Dame-de-Loches. Its history is linked with the name of Agnes Sorel, the first official mistress of the king in French history. The love story between Agnes Sorel and Charles the Seventh king unfolded within the walls of the castles of Loches in the first half of the XV century.

Agnes Sorel was occupied by apartments, located in one of the towers of the castle, and after the revolution her remains and tombstone craftsmanship was transferred to the castle of the desecrated Church.

Despite the status of Royal mistress Madame Sorel was a devout and liberally patronized the Church Notre-Dame-de-Loches. Shortly before his death in 1450 (according to one version, Agnes was poisoned by henchmen of the future king Louis XI, himself striving for it, but rejected), she made a generous donation to the Church and bequeathed to bury him within its walls. However, after her death the monks, not pobrezgovali to take money from a sinner, decided to move her remains from the Church, but of Louis XI, had already king, to whom they sent a petition, threatened to take money donated by the deceased mistress, and the monks settled down.

During the revolution the mob took the lovely tomb of Agnes in the grave Holy and desecrated. Currently, the copy of alabaster tombs from the tomb of Agnes Sorel is located in the castle of Loches and likened to the works of art. It is assumed that the original author was the sculptor Jacques Morel, who managed to pass the angelic beauty of concubines. She is shown lying and praying, with the two sides of her body guarded by angels and at the feet of Agnes are two of the sacrificial lamb.