/ / Church of Saint-françois-des-Cordeliers: photos, description (Eglise des Cordeliers de Nancy)

Church of Saint-françois-des-Cordeliers: photos, description (Eglise des Cordeliers de Nancy)

This Church was built in the second half of the XV century as the fulfillment of a vow made by Duke Rene of Lorraine the Second. He promised to build a temple after the victory over Charles the Bold. In the battle of Nancy - one of the battles of the Burgundian wars, which took place in January, 1477, the troops of Charles the Bold were defeated, and the Duke of Burgundy was killed. The following year the Church was built.

The name of this temple - Saint-françois-de Cordillera - suggests that he belonged to the order of Cordillera, which was a branch of the Franciscan order. The Church is situated in the old part of Nancy, and stands near the Palace of the Dukes of Lorraine. Before both buildings were connected by a covered gallery. Currently, the Church is a monument of history and part of the Lorraine Museum of Nancy.

In the Middle ages the Church was also the burial place of the Dukes of Lorraine. In particular, it was buried by Rene II and his wife Philippa. Tombs of the Duke and his wife remained in the temple was installed and a statue of rené, but she survived during the revolution.

The Church was built in the tradition of Franciscan architecture and had a single elongated nave with lots of Windows, decorated with stained glass. Inside the walls of the Church was painted with frescoes, partially preserved. In addition to the tombstones of the Second and Renee Philippi, as you can see the headstone, called "return of the Crusader" (knight in the arms of the wife, and the stone altarpiece (retablo), made in the XVI century. On it was depicted the Holy Trinity, the evangelists and the Annunciation scene. Date back to the XVII century benches with carved backs, facing the choir. The interior of the Church is also decorated with paintings.