/ / Church of Saint-Foix: photo description ('eglise Sainte-Foy de La Clusaz)

Church of Saint-Foix: photo description ('eglise Sainte-Foy de La Clusaz)

Church of Saint-Foy is located in the centre of the small ski resort of La Clusaz, located in the Alpine mountains at the border with Switzerland. The average height in this settlement reaches 1500 meters.

The Church is dedicated to Saint Foy, which is also often called Saint Fe. She was an early Christian Martyr, born in Agen in 280. Because of their faith, the girl was executed by the Romans at a comparatively young age - she was only 13 years old. This Holy revered not only in France but also in Spain and in Latin America.

The Church dedicated to this Saint stood in the centre of the village since the XI century, but, unfortunately, this Romanesque edifice to the present day have not reached. The modern building of the Church of Saint-Foy refers to 1821, but in our time, in 1974, it has undergone a complete makeover. Untouched remained only of fine high bell tower with arcades on the upper floors. It was built in 1751-1762. Especially noteworthy is its spire, made in the form of bulbs of this type are widely distributed in the neighbouring countries of Switzerland and Germany, especially in Bavaria.

The Church itself is a rather tiny building with low, wooden ceilings. Its walls pierced by several small Windows, whose sizes are typical rather for the architecture of the Romanesque style. The Windows are decorated with modern stained glass. Overall, the interior of the temple is quite modest. Among the interior details of the Church stands out especially the main altar, made in sculptural form. He was made master of the Savoy by Jean Constant Gamezona who worked in the second half of the twentieth century.