/ / Church of Saint-Eloi: photos, description Eglise Saint-Eloi de Dunkerque)

Church of Saint-Eloi: photos, description Eglise Saint-Eloi de Dunkerque)

Church of Saint-Eloi is close to the harbour area of the city of Dunkirk, located at the border with Belgium. This structure is more famous for its elegant bell tower, belfry, tocsin tower, made of red brick. Previously, the Church and tower was a single architectural ensemble, but after large-scale destruction the temple was rebuilt already apart from its bell tower. Now both of these attractions are independent from each other structures.

Church of St eligius - so in the Russian tradition, translates the name "Eloi" - was built in the early XV century and was part of the hospital of St. John. But this architectural complex was destroyed in 1558 during the siege of Dunkirk by the French troops - it is worth Recalling that the city itself is about 600-700 years passed from hand to hand he fought with the greatest European powers of the time: French, British, Spanish and Dutch.

After 1558 the Church and its bell tower - belfry - were separated from each other. According to the initial projects, all planned to join them again, but this idea never was executed, and from 1731, between the temple and the tower were laid pavement, finally separated the two buildings.

Rebuilt in 1568, the Church was still enlarged in 1782, and a hundred years later was rebuilt its main facade, characterized by the symmetry of lines, columns, Windows and arches. It is made in neo-Gothic style, but repeats the original, ancient portal.
Both world wars took their toll on this building in the forties it was only load-bearing walls. Extensive restoration work was delayed for forty years, although the Church was opened in 1977.

Inside the temple is of great length and is really amazing for its size. As all the furniture and decorations were destroyed during the bombing, the next, surviving temples and cathedrals donated the Church of Saint-Eloi, their visual art and Church utensils. The stained glass and the main body was made after the war.