/ / The Church of St Earl de Plaire: photos, description Eglise Saint-Herle de Ploare)

The Church of St Earl de Plaire: photos, description Eglise Saint-Herle de Ploare)

The Church of St Earl de Plaire located in the same area of the Breton town of Douarnenez, which entered into its composition only in 1945. It is located to the South-East of the city centre.

Medieval commune Pleare got its fame thanks largely to her Church Saint-Earle, is recognized as the most beautiful Church of the modern city of Douarnenez. Start of construction is considered to be 1548 year - this is the date carved at the foot of the famous bell tower, which became a symbol of Douarnenez. This tower, the component to the height of 55 meters, combines the brightest distinctive features as flamboyant Gothic and Renaissance. She not only topped with a thin spire, but also added four small turrets-kolokolenka, which are much smaller in size to the spire, but it is a unique work of art. The two turrets in the Gothic style, the other two - in the style of the Renaissance. Work on the construction of the belfry was carried out before the end of the XVII century.

The main building of the Church was completed earlier and it is performed in a more uniform style is predominant in the style of Breton Gothic style, common in this region. It is worth noting the powerful West facade, supported by Gothic buttresses. Interestingly, columns and buttresses at the sides of the temple, made in a different style - in the style of the Renaissance. Also, the walls and the facade of the Church decorated with various sculptural groups, typical of Gothic architecture.

As for the interior decoration, notably the sacristy in the style of classicism, was completed in the XVIII century. Interestingly, despite the fact that the age of the Church more than 400 years, room for the choir was not completed until the end. Surprisingly also exhibit the bas-reliefs depicting a trout or other fish - apparently, this was done to emphasize the importance of fisheries in Brittany.

In 1910 the Church of St Earl de Plaire in Douarnenez was recognized as a monument of history and culture of France.