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The citadel: photo description (La Citadelle)

The citadel of Aquitaine the town of Saint-Jean-pied-de-port is located on the hill Mendiguren in the vicinity of the Nive river. It is a powerful defensive building with the Fort four bastions. The overall size of this citadel is 600 meters long and 150 meters wide.

Previously on this place stood the ancient castle, however, this medieval architecture is nothing left. A new citadel was built in 1625-1627 years, and then modernized several times during the XVII and XVIII centuries. Interestingly, in the Western part of the Fort has been preserved more ancient casemates, dated 1540-1550 years. Here were stored artillery weapons.

The most extensive changes took place in the years 1640-1685 - then the Fort has been converted according to the plans of the great French military engineer Vauban. The master himself came here to personally observe the course of works, just in 1685. Was then added larger barracks and more modern fortifications.

The citadel became known under the names de Mendiguren the Citadel and the Citadel de Gastelumendi. Now it is a unique example of preserved redoubt with bastions, the first half of the seventeenth century. In addition to the main building, in an authentic form presents a variety of galleries and passages on the slopes of a hill located on each side of the guardhouse, is designed to conduct flanking fire, powder keg, wells and a large ditch at the foot of the hill over it by numerous bridges. In addition, here are a collection of ancient artillery weapons.

The Fort is open for tourist visits only in the summer months, as in the building of the citadel now houses a College. Tourists are invited to descend to the ancient barracks, climb to the upper gallery at the top of the hill, to look into the small chapel, acting at the citadel, and even visit a private Lodge where resided the commandant of the fortress.