/ / The citadel of Bonifacio: photo description (Bonifacio citadel)

The citadel of Bonifacio: photo description (Bonifacio citadel)

Corsican town of Bonifacio, consists of two parts - upper and lower town. If in the lower town are the Harbor, the naval station and the waterfront, at the top there are two main attractions of Bonifacio - the citadel leading to her staircase of the king of Aragon. According to one local legend, on her stone, carved into the rock stairs, the defenders of the fortress went down to the only available source of drinking water that were in the cave.

The Bonifacio citadel was built in the first half of the IX century by Boniface II of Tuscany, who shortly before led the defense of the island and defeated the Saracens. The Fort was named in his honor, on behalf of the Margrave of Tuscany, count of Corsica comes the name of the city itself.

The fortress for a long time defended the city and eventually became part of the city fortifications, which surrounded Bonifacio: they began to build the Genoese, and was continued by the French in the XV century. Currently, the citadel is a Museum, but more recently it housed the headquarters of the French Foreign Legion.

One of the oldest buildings in the citadel - the round tower with a height of 35 meters. On the powerful walls of the fortress with ancient artillery. The South wall of the citadel can be seen located a few kilometers from Corsica, the island of Sardinia.

Near the citadel is a cemetery of sailors Maren and former Franciscan convent of Saint-françois, built in the XIII century the inhabitants of Bonifacio as a sign of apology to St. Francis for the ignorance of one of the townswomen.