/ / The citadel of Lille: photo, description Citadelle de Lille)

The citadel of Lille: photo, description Citadelle de Lille)

"Queen of the citadels" called the fortress of Lille. This name was given by its founder, the Marquis Sebastian de Prêtre de Vauban, the master of the construction of the medieval fortifications. The citadel today serves as France and home to a military unit - rapid reaction corps. Due to the fact that the citadel is an active military facility, it was not included in the world heritage list of UNESCO. Although some parts of the citadel have the status of historical monument.

The citadel was built in just four years, from 1667 to 1671, and became the prototype of all subsequent fortresses built by de Vauban. The citadel of Lille is also included in the so-called "Square field" - a system of fortifications, which according to the plan of Vauban included 28 cities.

The main fortress of Lille acquired a pentagonal shape, and its walls were built in such a way that the enemy who attacked one of the walls, has always been under fire from the other wall. Natural obstacles to the enemy became swamps in the valley of the confluence of the rivers Del and beech, adjacent to the citadel. The system gateway of the citadel could further flood the approaches to the fortress. In the years of construction of the fortress in Lille halted all other construction work and to allow for the completion of its construction in a few years.

The citadel is surrounded by the Bois de Boulogne, the largest Park of Lille, near which passes the river Del.

In addition to the construction of the citadel de Vauban participated in the creation of the new Lille district, located around Royal street.