/ / The citadel of Saint-Elmo: photo description (Citadelle Saint-Elme)

The citadel of Saint-Elmo: photo description (Citadelle Saint-Elme)

The name Villefranche-sur-Mer translates as "free city". But even this castle settlement, which was given some economic privileges needed protection. Therefore, in the XVI century in Golden beach on the orders of count Emmanuel-Philibert was built city fortifications, including the Fort of Mont Alban and the citadel of St. Elmo.

Town on the Cote d'azur several times passed into the possession of Italy, until it finally became part of France in 1860. The citadel of Saint-Elmo until 1945 in the walls were used for barracks, and then was acquired by the municipality and now is the administrative and cultural center. In the citadel now houses the city hall of Villefranche, the "Green theater", a cultural center and Museum, which consists of multiple exposures of different nature. One of them is a gallery with paintings from the private collection of the artist Henri Goetz. The collection includes works of famous artists like Pablo Picasso and Joan Miro, paintings of Russian painters Ilya Repin, Vasily Polenov, Isaac Levitan, as well as the work of the wife of Goetz Christina Banister.

Another part of the Museum is dedicated to works of the sculptor Antonucci Volti created in the beginning of the last century, from clay and bronze. These exhibits can be touched by hands - such a possibility here provide visitors with sight disabilities and all comers. The third room contains the collection of medieval ceramics. The fourth exhibition is dedicated to the 24th Alpine infantry battalion of the French army.

The citadel of Saint-Elmo is recognized as a national historic landmark.