/ / Clock tower: photos, description Tour de l'horloge de Beaune)

Clock tower: photos, description Tour de l'horloge de Beaune)

To Bon on the tower appeared first clock, the inhabitants of the city at the end of the XIV century had to pay a specially introduced tax. In the XVIII century, the townspeople decide the issue of the demolition of the tower and the construction in its place of jail. Fortunately, the decision was not in favor of the prison. And in 1885 the clock tower of bona acquired the status of historical monument.

Clock tower in Beaune is located on a street of Marey. The construction of the tower was carried out from the XII to the XIV century. The first clock on its facade appeared in 1398, and remained there until 1861, when it was replaced by the current one. Also replaced was the main decoration of the top of the tower instead of the statue of the mother of God, there appeared an image of mercury. At the top of the tower is also bell enshrined in the pavilion, which is decorated with wrought iron decor. The tower itself is square in cross-section, has six floors, all the floors except the first had not had sex since in this space raised and lowered the cargo clockwork.

Note that the tower in Bonn is similar to the tower of Ghent, as in both constructions noticeable influence of the Flemish architecture.

In the first half of the twentieth century, the tower briefly housed the wine Museum and from the mid-nineteenth century within its walls was the natural history Museum. Clock tower in Beaune located near the Salvador Dali Museum.