/ / Chapel of our lady of the Holy Gifts: photo description (Chapelle Notre-Dame du Saint Sacrement)

Chapel of our lady of the Holy Gifts: photo description (Chapelle Notre-Dame du Saint Sacrement)

Chapel of our lady of the blessed sacrament, belonging to the parish Church of Notre-Dame de grace de Passy, is striking even on the street. The building, built in 1900 in neo-Romanesque style, bright, festive, elegant. Everything inside is the same white, it set off a modern stained glass in the numerous Windows.

The chapel is flooded with natural light and the nave, and powerful round Corinthian columns, crowned by capitals with floral theme, and a blind arcade on the second floor. The interior is very simple because all attention should be focused on the altar, where from morning to evening exposed the blessed sacrament is the bread became the Body of Christ. God Himself.

Adoration (adoration) - in the tradition of the Catholic Church. People come singly and in groups - to behold God, just to stay in front of Him, heart to speak with Him in peace and quiet, turning away from the everyday hustle and bustle. In the chapel there are always a few quietly and humbly praying nuns of the handmaids of the Holy Gifts of the women's branch of the monastic congregation of the "Fathers of the Holy sacrament". This congregation in 1856, founded by Saint Peter Julian Eymar, priest, canonized by the Catholic Church and still as an Apostle of the Eucharist (communion).

Peter Julian from childhood showed a deep devotion to the Holy sacrament, and early felt called to the priesthood. His father wanted that his son traded in olive oil, continuing the family business, but in the end he had to give way, and the young man became a priest. In 1851, two years after the end of the revolution, loosened the Christian principles of France, Peter Julian was a revelation - he clearly realized how to restore people's spiritual health. "Now," he wrote, "we need to get to work - to save souls through the Holy Eucharist and to awaken France and Europe from the sleep of indifference". So a community dedicated to the worship and service of the Holy sacrament. Both its branches - male and female - there are now.

In the chapel of our lady of the Holy Gifts have expressive stained glass window, which depicts St. Peter Julian Eymar - ascetic and passionate person at the same time it raises the front of Paranoidalnych with the Body of Christ.